Math education creates a more equitable world.

You can join the Equity Faction and strengthen communities through quality math teaching.

Students are unprepared for real-world problems.
Teachers can change that.

Through grassroots partnerships, we equip educators with world-class teaching strategies. Our collaborative coaching opportunities allow teachers to experience evidence-based instruction. They gain the courage and confidence to apply what they learn with their students, preparing them for the real world. As they share their skills and knowledge with other teachers in their communities, they become leaders — building critical thinking and problem solving for students far beyond their own classrooms.

Our Model


We invite teachers to explore effective teaching strategies in mathematics to equip students with critical thinking skills for the real world.


Our coaching strategies lay the groundwork for teachers to grow their own skills as they apply evidence-based best practices in their classrooms.


Local teacher-leaders build professional networks that inspire their peers to transform their own instructional practice.

Our Impact

Countries Connected

Educators Empowered

Students Impacted

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El Acueducto de Segovia

The most important part of any civilization is water. No group of humans could ever hope to thrive without it. The Romans constructed 11 elaborate aqueducts to bring water from fresh springs into thirsty towns. The most well-preserved of these is, without a doubt, the aqueduct of Segovia, Spain.